Corinne L. Fayo

Corinne Luckfield Fayo, Rabbit Breeder,  Can be found all over the internet speaking badly about Rabbit Rescues…

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Public FB photo’s posted by Corinne show a black rabbit in a small rusty cage that holds 2 spaces for rabbits.  (click on the photo’s to Enlarge) Reference:

A white dwarf rabbit being tormented by a predator, noting that bunnies taste like chicken.

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It is our Opinion that the Disrespect and cruelty of animal life in the rabbit breeding community is a serious concern and in need of Regulation.  News reports reveal more and more rabbit breeders being arrested for animal cruelty.


Yahoo Groups – ShowBunny Quotes from Corinne regarding the over breeding of domestic rabbits and allowing them to be rescued by Rabbit Rescue.   “Shame on her for not going with sales as snake food or to the zoo”.  “if you’re going to breed rabbits you need to realize they aren’t all going to be a pet and may have to be used as food”.

Quotes from Corinne on Sick Rabbits: “If you cannot find out what exactly is infecting your herd I don’t see any point in treating any of them, put them down”.  I’m sick of paying good money for inferior rabbits.   If you cull out sick rabbits, just like you would (or should) for those with white nails, bad type, 
etc you end up with a herd that doesn’t have problems with nasal discharge…or white nails, bad type, etc. I would think culling is an easier option than 
having to treat sick rabbits alot. I feel strongly about this because while I rarely buy rabbits in the last 2 yrs more than half I purchased at some point displayed nasal discharge.

In 1999 Corinne states ” As Easter approaches, so does impulse buying of rabbits”.  While noting a shelter survey estimates that 43,519 pet rabbits were abandoned in U.S. shelters in 1996.

Yet today publicly supports selling Easter rabbits and disputes the shelters and rescues are overloaded for months following Easter with unwanted rabbits yearly, her writings are referenced by others.


Corine, against regulating rabbit breeders. Despite the facts domestic rabbits are being dumped in the wild regularly in the news, the rabbit rescues are full and domestic rabbits are being euthanized in shelters every day.

Quote: Rabbit Rescue Groups

“The RES is not in opposition to rabbit rescue groups. The problem is many rabbit rescuers and groups are extremely anti-breeder and engage in breeder bashing, harassment, and distortion of facts and those people, groups, and practices is what RES opposes. RES does support those rescuers and rescue groups who are willing to find a middle ground to work with breeders and blame abandonment on the true culprit, irresponsible pet owners, as well as understand that breeders have much to offer regarding rabbit care knowledge and practices”.


Livestock vs Pets: Of the 2 livestock is better, yes you would be prohibited from owning 
any on your property in most zoning situations but then you hide them.

Breeders who dump at Shelters: ” I find there is more demand for pets than show stock. Also to say when breeding for show you only get a “pet” once in 
awhile, sorry not in my experience”.

73594 Re:  (no subject)  Is your rabbitry dirty, messy, or just a normal barn? …no one has a right to come onto your property for unreasonable searches. If they don’t have a warrant don’t let them in.
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Is Corrine Luckfield Fayo (rabbit breeder) a Self Proclaimed Rabbit Expert?   What are her credentials?