Why We Shouldn’t Breed Rabbits

Both “good” breeders and “bad” breeders contribute to the over-population of domestic rabbits.  Domestic rabbits are not the product of natural selection, but rather of human interference by means of breeding programs.

The breeding of domestic rabbits cannot be justified when there is such a massive over-population of rabbits, resulting in thousands being “humanely” killed (euthanized) in shelters and many more thousands meeting untimely deaths because they have been dumped outside where they do not have the abilities needed to survive.   Domestic rabbits are neglected in back yards, given to children as toys, used for snake food, dog bait and kept in deplorable conditions by back yard meat breeders and inhumanely slaughtered everyday around the world.  This will not change until people say enough is enough and fight for their rights.

Why Do Breeders Breed?

  • Profit;
  • To perfect a breed, in respect to specified standards regarding physical characteristics, health, and/or temperament;
  • Prizes and rank at rabbit shows;
  • To create a better commercial meat or wool product;
  • To let children witness “the miracle of birth”;
  • Because people were careless with unaltered rabbits or they were not properly sexed as male or female (rabbits like cat and dogs need to be spayed and neutered);

Rabbits are governed by agricultural laws even though they are sold every day as companion pets.  Rabbits should be afforded the same individual rights, level of care, and opportunity for longevity as afforded to dogs and cats who are recognized as companion pets.

For every rabbit bought another unwanted rabbit in a shelter must die.  Adopt don’t shop!

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